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Code16K Barcode

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Code16K is a multi-row barcode symbology designed to encode the full ASCII and extended ASCII character set.

A Code16K barcode symbol consists of 2 to 16 rows of data.
When all 16 rows are employed, a Code 16K symbol is able to encode 77 ASCII characters or 154 numeric characters.

When you use Barcodesoft Code16K barcode font to print barcode from your Windows computer and desktop printer, please use our Encoder calculate checksum for you.

There are 7 code16k barcode fonts included in the package. Each code16k font typeface has its unique aspect ratio as listed in the table below.

Barcodesoft Code16k Demo is fully functional even with the "Demo" watermark.

Barcodesoft Code16K barcode fonts are available in true type, PostScript and PCL formats and can be embedded into Adobe PDF files.

code16k barcode

For non-printable characters input, please click the following URL for instructions:
code16k barcode

Here is the list of Barcodesoft code16k Fonts

Aspect Ratio Typeface
XXS Code16kXXS
XS Code16KXS
S Code16kS
M Code16KM
L Code16kL
XL Code16KXL

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft Code16K barcode font

License Single User 5-User 10-User Site Corporate Developer 5-Developer 10-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD159 CAD299 CAD399 CAD599 CAD799 CAD999 CAD1199 CAD1399 CAD1999

  • code16k barcode download
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