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SEMI T1-95 standard specifies the bar code marking on the back surface of silicon wafers.

The character set of BC-412 contains ten digits and all uppercase letters except 'O'. Each BC-412 code also has a start character, a check character, and a stop character.
Every data character has 12 modules. Four of them are fixed-width bars. other modules are spaces. That is how the name BC-412 comes from.

A BC-412 code symbol has a leading quiet zone, a start character, data characters, a modulo 35 check character, a stop character, and a trailing quiet zone. Its width ranges between 13.2 mm and 29.04mm including quiet zones.

Barcodesoft BC-412 software is designed in full compliance with SEMI T1-95 standard.

When print BC412 image, please set DPI to 600 and you will have the exact size specified by SEMI T1-95 standard.

BC412 barcode

Exported BC-412 images have the following nominal dimensions:

Module Height Module Spacing Mark Width Character Spacing
BC-412 barcode 2.00 mm 0.12 mm 0.11 mm 1.44 mm

There are many options you can configure for Barcodesoft BC412 software as shown below.

BC412 barcode settings

User can configure BC412 for Flatted Wafer or Notched Wafer. The label size will increase when it is for notched wafer.

User can also configure BC412 for bar in module or dots in module.

When "dots in module option" is chosen, user have the following options available: dots per module, dots are filled or not.

The default dots per module value is 11. The maximum value is 22.

Showing alphanumeric human readable text is another option.

When showing alphanumeric option is chosen, user can choose font typeface as either SEMI or OCRB.

Image orientation is yet another option: normal and bottom up.

User can export BC412 in different image format: PNG, JPeg, WebP and SVG. However, SVG feature is disable in DEMO release.

SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG images require special viewer to view.

Exported BC412 images will have demo watermarks.

After a valid license is typed in, user can export image in multiple formats, including SVG format.

If you download and install the Barcodesoft BC412 software on your computer, you'll discover a Windows application named BC412CmdLine.
This application allows you to automate generating BC-412 images.
BC412CmdLine -l licensecode -a Yes|No -n Yes|No -b Yes|No -s 11|22 -f PNG|JPeg|SVG -c semi|OCRB -o Top|Bottom -d Yes|No -e C:\Myfolder -t AQQ45674
Even without a valid license code, it will still export BC-412 image to the folder you specified. However, it will prefix your data with a "demo" watermark.

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft BC-412 barcode software
License Single User 5-User 10-User Site Corporate Developer 5-Developer 10-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD1199 CAD1399 CAD1599 CAD1999 CAD2599 CAD2799 CAD2999 CAD3399 CAD3999
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