Barcodesoft SEMI OCR font package provides a simple solution for laser-marking alphanumeric data on the front surface of wafers and allows automatic Optical Character Reading (OCR).

With Barcodesoft SEMI font, a Windows computer and a laser scriber, you can mark on wafer as if you are "printing" on it.

Barcodesoft SEMI OCR font is designed in full compliance with SEMI M12/M13-1103 standard, which specifies the shapes and dimensions of 26 alpha characters, 10 numeral characters, dash and period and SEMI font.

The specification was approved by Global Traceability Committee and North American Traceability Committee.

When print at point size 12, Barcodesoft SEMI (OCR) font characters have the following nominal dimensions:

Character Height Character Width Stroke Width Character Spacing
SEMI Font 1.624 millimeter 0.812 millimeter 0.2 millimeter 1.420 millimeter
There are three true type fonts included in the package: BcsSEMI, SEMI, and SEMIDouble.

BcsSEMI is a traditional true type font. Its character set is shown below

semi font character set

SEMI is a single density dot matrix font. Its character set is shown below
single density semi font character set

SEMIDouble is a double density dot matrix font. Its character set is shown below
double density semi font character set

If you download Barcodesoft SEMI font demo and install on your computer, you will find a Windows application Encoder. It comes in handy when you need to calculate checksum for either SEMI M12 or SEMI M13.

Some characters in the demo SEMI font have "Demo" watermarks.

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft SEMI font package
License Single User Corporate Developer Unlimited Developer
Price USD599 USD999 USD1195 USD1999
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