code 128 barcode
GS1128 / UCC/EAN-128
ISO/IEC 15417:2007

Code 128, described in ISO/IEC 15417, is good at encoding alpha-numeric data and numeric-only data. Code128 has three subsets: code128A, code128B and code128C.

Code 128A is used to encode uppercase alpha and control characters.
Code 128B is used to encode both uppercase and lowercase alpha and numeric data.
Code 128C is used to encode numeric-only data.

As mentioned in Wikipedia, this is the mapping table of Barcodesoft Code128 Barcode Font

Character Mapping
space number sign (#)
hyphen, period, dollar sign
slash, plus, percent
0-9 unchanged
A-Z unchanged
Code 128 has many variations, such as EAN 128 and ISBT 128. Since 2004, use of UCC/EAN Code128 symbology is mandatory for printing barcode labels of Confirmation Services. USS Code128 also uses subset C to print barcode.

Code128 barcode is able to encode the entire ASCII table. With Barcodesoft Keyboard Wedge Emulation program and a USB scanner, you can emulate any special character input into your system.

A check digit is always required by Code 128. When you use Barcodesoft Code128 font to print bar code, please use our Encoder to calculate checksum for you. You can also find source code in VBA and C language of checksum calculation for different subsets of Code128: Code128A, Code128B, Code128C and UCC/EAN-128.

There are 28 code128 barcode fonts provided in the package as listed below, marked by different trailing indicators. Barcodesoft code128 fonts vary in aspect ratios. Those code128 fonts with "Hr" in their names have human readable text printed underneath code128 barcode.

Barcodesoft Code128 Demo is fully functional even with the "Demo" watermark.

Barcodesoft Code128 barcode fonts are available in true type, PostScript and PCL formats, and can be embedded into Adobe PDF files.

Here is the list of Barcodesoft Code128 Barcode Fonts
Aspect Ratio No Human Readable Set A with HR Set B with HR Set C with HR
XXS Code128XXSHr Code128AXXS Code128BXXS Code128CXXS
XS Code128XSHr Code128AXS Code128BXS Code128CXS
S Code128SHr Code128AS Code128BS Code128CS
M Code128MHr Code128AM Code128BM Code128CM
L Code128LHr Code128AL Code128BL Code128CL
XL Code128XLHr Code128AXL Code128BXL Code128CXL
XXL Code128XXLHr Code128AXXL Code128BXXL Code128CXXL

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft Code128 package
License Single User 10-User Site Corporate Developer Unlimited Developer
Price USD129 USD199 USD499 USD599 USD699 USD1799
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