Print PDF417 Barcode in MS Excel spreadsheet

Keywords: PDF417, ISO/IEC 15438:2006

PDF417 is a 2D barcode symbology. It's a smart and simple solution to use Barcodesoft DLL and BcsPdf417 true type font to generate PDF417 barcode.

With Barcodesoft PDF417 barcode package and Microsoft® Office, it is very easy to print PDF417 from your Excel spreadsheet and desktop printer.

1. Copy true type font bcsPDF417S.ttf to your c:\Windows\Fonts folder.

2. Open DOS prompt. If you are using Windows 10 / Windows 7, please Open DOS prompt as administrator.
Please go to the following folder
CD C:\Program Files\Common Files\Barcodesoft\FontUtil
Type in the following DOS command to register crUFLbcs.dll
regsvr32 crUFLbcs.dll
PDF417 DLL DOS registration

3. Start Microsoft® Excel® first.

If you are using Excel 2000 or 2003, click menu ===> Tools ==> Macro ===> Security. Choose Low security level.
PDF417 Macro Security

If you are using Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019, click the Microsoft Office Button.
Office 2010 button Office 2016 button Office 2019 button
Then click Excel Options, choose Trust Center. In the Macro Settings category, under Macro Settings, choose "Enable all macros" as shown below.

PDF417 Macro Setting

4. Press ALT + F11 to open Microsoft® Visual Basic editor.

5. From Visual Basic editor, choose menu Tools ===> References. It will popup a dialog. Click Browse button and choose cruflbcs.dll from your working folder.
Usually it's under C:\Program File\CommonFiles\Barcodesoft\Fontutil folder.
Click the checkbox beside crUFLBcs 4.0 Type Library as shown below. Then click OK button.

PDF417 add reference

6. Press Ctrl+M, it will popup a dialog, choose barcodesoft.bas under C:\Program File\CommonFiles\Barcodesoft\Fontutil folder. Then click "Open".

If you don't find barcodesoft.bas, please download it from PDF417.
PDF417 import vba

7. Close Visual Basic and go back to your spreadsheet. Now, you can use the following macro to encode data: pdf417. When you have lots of data to process, you can just copy and paste the pdf417 macro to the whole column / row of data. All your PDF417 barcodes will be ready immediately.


Please use cell reference to replace xxx in the formulas as shown below.
PDF417 Excel macro

8. Right click Cell B1, choose Format Cell from context menu as shown below.
PDF417 Excel macro

9. Click Font tab and choose BcsPDF417S as font typeface as shown below.
PDF417 typeface excel

10. Click Alignment tab and select "wrap text" as shown below.
PDF417 alignment excel

11. Click OK and you should be able to see PDF417 barcode in your Excel spreadsheet now. There might be a small gap between different lines of PDF417. However, this won't be an issue when you scan the printed PDF417 because bcsDatamatrixS true type font is designed to reduce this gap to mininum.
PDF417 excel

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